New song! Whole Again!

Hey Y’all – Patrick here…

Have you ever walked through a time of trouble, or should I say “crawled” through a tough time?  Ever been in that situation where all hope seems lost, and maybe there is no way out? Have you ever been in that place where your heart is in pieces, and there’s no way it’s getting put back together? I’ve been there many times before.

Ashley(my daughter and bassist), Josh(my son and drummer), and I wrote this new song “Whole Again” awhile back, and we wrote the Chorus of the song together as an answer to those times of tribulation and trouble.  Because there is One answer that revives the soul! There is One Person who can take the most broken heart, and life,  and repair it!  And if we are leaning on Jesus we cannot fall too far!  Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us! So we can get back up lift up our hands and praise Him even in the toughest of times!

So we brought this song to the desk of Ed and Scott Cash at Anchor Productions, and they immediately heard an upbeat, joyful, dance rhythm in their heads, and so we all put it together into an awesome uplifting song that’s gonna bless your soul!

Whole Again

Whole Again:

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